Vigoroom for Employers

Vigoroom is a corporate wellness solution that helps people lose weight, get in shape, sleep better, reduce stress, relieve money worries and so much more. We help businesses reduce healthcare costs and increase productivity.


Our online and mobile solution is unique in three ways:

  • Personalized programs speak to the health and lifestyle needs of each individual user. Less cookie cutter, and more personalization, means higher engagement levels.


  • A holistic strategy focuses on the underlying causes of health and lifestyle problems – not just the symptoms. This promotes positive, long-term change rather than temporary fixes.


  • An active, not a passive approach to engage users. Everything from the structure of our science-based programs to our tracking and reporting is based on maximizing user engagement.


Vigoroom also offers an on-site expert program that brings renowned wellness professionals to your workplace. Their interactive workshops and seminars motivate and promote positive behavioral change.

To receive two brochures on the Vigoroom personalized wellness solution, please submit the request form.