Looking for Corporate Wellness?
Vigoroom combines the largest wellness content library with innovative engagement and tracking tools, making it your perfect white-labeled wellness solution.
 Are you a Coach?
Get an amazing white-labeled coaching system with a client login portal and customizable content to help you manage and grow your coaching business.
Everything Your Employees Need to Get Real Results
Our trusted experts have created over 1,000 programs, challenges, workouts, and videos. We improve outcomes by addressing the underlying causes of health problems, not just the symptoms.
Weight &
Everything You Need in One Easy-to-Use Platform
Mobile Apps:
Access the platform from mobile app, tablet, or desktop.
Build a culture of wellness with dozens of engaging challenges.
See how gamification enhances member participation.
Holistic Content:
Addressing the underlying causes, not just the symptoms.
Admin Friendly:
Easily manage the platform with minimal time and effort.
Client Support:
Get quick, friendly responses from our client support team.
Bringing Innovation to the Wellness Sector
Vigoroom's HIPAA-Compliant platform combines cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface. It is different than competitive products in key ways:
Personalized recommendations for each member based on their unique health profile.
Integrated coaching module delivers efficient solutions for high-risk employees.
Automated challenges, engagement tracking and health reporting make it easy for administrators.
White-Label customization includes everything from company branding to content modification.